by Daniel J. Vance 


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12-27-02     Disability Etiquette
12-20-02     Harold Russell, Disability Advocate
12-13-02     Down Syndrome and Life Spans
12-06-02     Quarterly Reader Mailbag
11-29-02     "Genetic Selection" of Unborn
11-22-02    Alzheimer's disease
11-15-02    Cerebral Palsy and Faith
11-08-02    Abuse in Children with Disabilities
11-01-02    National Federation of the Blind
10-25-02    National Federation of the Blind
10-11-02    Adaptive College Sports
10-18-02    Post Polio Syndrome
10-04-02    Depression in Children w/ Disabilities
09-27-02    Disabled Woodrow Wilson
09-20-02    Defining Disabilities