Since 2002, the weekly column Disabilities has been published in more than 260 newspapers throughout the United States and been the nation's best-read weekly column about people with disabilities. It is sent free to newspapers due to generous support from Littlegiantfudge.com and Palmer Bus Service. The column's content runs the gamut from featuring the real-life stories of people with mental illness and learning disabilities to physical and intellectual disabilities. Mr. Vance is editor of Connect Business Magazine. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor practicing in Minnesota. He and his wife have a college-attending daughter with spina bifida and a homeschooled teenage son.Raised in Cincinnati, he moved in 1995 from Baltimore to southern Minnesota. He is also a Dayton Flyers men's basketball fan.

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12-30-12          Asperger's syndrome
12-23-12          APS/Stroke
12-16-12          Melinda Honn/MCS
12-9-12           Rett syndrome

12-2-12           Editorial: Christmas loneliness
11-25-12         Dan'l Markham

11-18-12         Traumatic Brain Injury

11-11-12         Larry Kaplan/Autism
11-4-12          Nursing Home Residents
10-28-12         Lou Gehrig's Disease
10-21-12         John Knight
10-14-12         John Doiron and autism
10-7-12          Dr. Becky Clark

9-29-12          Dan Adragna and Alzheimer's
9-22-12          Polycystic Kidney Disease
9-15-12          Dummy Hoy Part 2
9-8-12            Sign the petition for Dummy Hoy
9-1-12           Gorrell Changed Deaf Sports
8-25-12          Vietnam Vet Double Amputee

8-18-12          Frontotemporal Degeneration
8-11-12           National Amputee Foundation
8-4-12            10-year anniversary and diversity

7-29-12          Judy Siegle
7-22-12          Kyle Maynard Part 2
7-15-12          Kyle Maynard: Part 1
7-7-12           Living with a Colostomy
7-1-12            Zach Fenell
6-25-12          Alex Gutierrez
6-17-12          Twyman and Maurice Stokes: Part 2
6-10-12          Jack Twyman and Maurice Stokes

6-3-12            Alzheimer's book: While I Still Can
5-27-12          Peter Winkler, Part Two

5-20-12          Peter Winkler, Part One
5-13-12          Comedians with Disabilities Act
5-6-12            Sharon Gieseke
4-29-12          Pennies for Polina
4-22-12          Taunts Often Hurt for Life
4-15-12          Care Tuk's Health Ran Amok
4-7-12            Evans Helps Others with Disabilities
3-31-12           Mobility Disability Doesn't Slow Ipock

3-24-12            People with Fibromyalgia Aren't Crazy
3-17-12           Jerry Wolffe Changing His World

3-10-12           Activist Donohue Started Brain Foundation
3-3-12             Two Adult Children with Disabilities
2-26-12           Arvid Schwartz

2-19-12           Serious Mental Illness

2-12-12           Man with Down Syndrome Enjoys Life
2-5-12             Inclusion Daily Express

1-29-12            Dyslexia Didn't Stop Psychologist
1-22-12            Trauma Affects Air Force Vet
1-15-12            PTSD and Sexual Abuse
1-8-12              Asperger's Syndrome Redefined
1-1-12              Struggling for Understanding: Part 2

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